Meet Ian Sklarsky

Ian is a Brooklyn based, modern multi-media artist whose unique portraits, monument and edifice studies, and still life and animal works are exhibited in public venues, galleries and housed in private collections world wide.  


On Art, Graphic Inspiration and Commissions of International Acclaim: Sklarsky has created and collaborated on countless permanent and temporary installations – always enchanting, bewildering and even confusing his audiences. His “Blind Contour” work exemplifies his perennial, creative desire and is defined by the very notion of the word imagination, as a noun – “the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses”. The artist succeeds as he excites his viewer and is continually stepping out from the norm, breaking with traditional art barriers, inciting controversy and eliciting rave reviews from both his patrons and followers.

A Child Begins to Draw: From pure artistry and introspect, neither lifting his pen nor looking at his paper, Ian’s seemingly surreal and inexplicable gift for drawing complete illustrations of fantastic form began to come to him as early as nine years old. With no explanation how or why, he begins creating complex, yet fanciful pictures which told stories of energy and joy. Soon after, adult eyes become drawn to and appreciative of the curious work of this talented boy. A decade later, and somewhat ironically, Ian’s classical art education ended him up in Documentary Film Direction, graduating from one of America’s top accredited film schools, Chicago’s Columbia College.

Then, Now and When: Sklarsky, as both a drawing and a graphic presentation artist has been contracted and invited to countless events and prestigious engagements. Most recent of which include Portraits of New York for Samsung Fashion week, Masson Jewels, Oslo Freedom Forum Featured Artist, Council Of Fashion and Design, Season in Review Dramatist Magazine, (including the creation of 13 covers). His 2020 shows in both Arvika, Sweden and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico were a great success. As a foreign artist, Sklarsky received the Government sponsored, Swedish Art Association award. In 2018, Financial Times Magazine Columnist, Mark C O’Flattery devoted an article to Sklarsky saying, “The technique of blind contour drawing is instinctual, elegant and energetic. The result are both fascinating and beautiful”