The Sklarsky Smith AR gallery

What is a gallARy?

Well, at Sklarsky Smith, we feel we are on the cutting edge of offering anyone to be able to walk around our gallery at the comfort and pace of their choosing, in their own environment using AR technology.

Why AR?

Arist Ian Sklarsky has been working for years to create AR objects that people all over the world can use and enjoy. He has connections with industry leaders and creators, and is excited to be bringing these people together to create amazing wonderful things!

How do I access this gallARy?

It's quite easy, but it is new tech, so there are a few steps to adhere to. 

When opening the gallARy through this QR code be sure to be in a large area that is unobstructed.

Wait for the prompts on your device and know that you can resize the gallery by pinching your screen. 

Walk around and take videos or photos by pressing the screen once and seeing the button in the lower middle of your screen. Holding down will film, while pressing will take photos.

Be sure to tag #SklarskySmith when you are walking through the gallery to let us know you are enjoying it!

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